Yalla Association
For Art and Culture – directed by Ahmad Dokhan
Who we are:

Yalla Association was founded in 2021 in Nazareth, where the idea first originated, developed and executed by Mr. Ahmad Dokhan, who expanded the Association`s activities, educational and cultural fields and outlined a unique administrative strategy and plan. As a result, the Association was recognized as a respectable institute.
The Association nurtures leaders and educated generations, as well as developing their cultural and artistic abilities and talents, sharing different perspectives and opinions and planting values of reconciliation and world peace.

Goals :

  • Merging art with education
  • Becoming familiar with and advocating for all forms of art
  • Connecting between different cultures and accepting one another by using culture and art
  • Sharing different opinions and perspectives and advocating for reconciliation and world peace
  • Connecting with disabled people and bringing joy to their hearts
  • Raising a generation of free thinkers and leaders
  • Boosting our students’ self-confidence, developing their educational and artistic skills while nurturing cultural values
Services :

Statement according to the Ministry of Health Ministry and Education

Yalla Association is characterized by its art and educational workshops, where we work to develop students’ cognitive, educational and artistic abilities. The workshops include:

Art workshops:
  • Painting workshop
  • Yalla Kitchen workshop
  • Crafts workshop
  • Secrets of Playdough workshop
  • Animal Petting workshop
  • The Star of the Show workshop
  • Puppet Show workshop
  • Photography workshop
  • The Pirate and the Sea workshop
  • The Secrets of the Needle workshop
  • Ballet workshop
  • Playing on various musical instruments workshop
  • Fine Arts for Women workshop
  • Acting lessons for 18 and above
Educational workshops:
  • Preparing for First Grade workshop
  • Yalla let’s grow workshop
  • Private lessons
  • Chess workshop
  • Spoken English
  • Spoken Hebrew
  • Robotics workshop
  • The Little engineer workshop
  • Your Inner Treasure workshop (human development)
  • Life Skills and Ways of Thinking workshop
  • Workshops and lectures via Zoom
Our plays:

Theater has always and will always be the first light to ignite progress toward a more civilized, cultured, and sophisticated societies. It’s been said, “give me theater and I will grant you a nation”. Theater had always been subject to changes and transformations throughout history, whether it was on stage or the plays being played, and even the act of playing itself developed and evolved.
Yalla institute produced many plays which aimed to convey a cultural, educational and artistic message, those plays were played in schools and community centers as part of the cultural program – Sal Tarbut (culture and art program by the government) and Femi Premium (culture for the periphery), among these plays:

  • Kharbata play: kharbata means a mess, a play for children with learning disabilities
  • Sad Crab Looking for Friends
  • The Journey of Lice and Louse: a play about a little girl who has lice and louse in her hair
  • Basil on a plate
  • Cinderella
  • Stop. That’s enough
Our programs (services):

We provide artistic and educational workshop for over 1000 student a week while working with more than 50 schools and day cares. Our services include:

  • Nitzanim (small buds) – in elementary schools
  • A workshop for every student – in elementary schools
  • Challenges: in elementary schools and high schools
  • Integration and comprehension
  • Yalla Arts: in day cares and schools, unique workshops in unique centers for children with disabilities
  • Various shows
Our camps:

we have four annual camps:

  • Winter camp: Yalla snow
  • Spring camp
  • Smurfs camp (July)
  • Summer camp (August

We host unique birthday parties at our Association which include: arts and crafts workshops, shows, watching a cartoon movie and puppets…
כולל : סדנאות אומנותיות מגוונות, מופעים, צפייה בסרטים מצוירים, בובות...
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Gallery :
Contact Us:
  • Address: Industrial Area, Nazareth
  • Email: [email protected]
  • office : 046891626
  • Mobile: 0528161492
  • Fax: 046891626

Hours: Monday to Satruday - 8:00 - 19:00

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